Married Life.

I got married February the 9th. I was surrounded by my family and friends. It was a wonderful occasion and I had so much fun. Valentines Day is tomorrow and I’m being taken out twice. I am surrounded by lovers and family and I need the get better. I want to get better for all […]

Being Transgender.

I feel very out of my skin on bad days, like I could cut myself open to make my body match my mind, my heart. I want top surgery so bad. My ribs hurt all of the time now, even when I don’t wear my binder. A prison. My body is a cage.

Loving someone with Schizophrenia…

Loving someone with Schizophrenia is walking into the storm head on, not knowing what may come next but knowing there is a calm center to the storm. It is loving the person through the pain and going the extra mile, may it be holding their hand through something or finding a way to ground them. […]

Long gone.

I am at a loss for how I feel. I’m angry. I’m lost and confused. I have three drafts saved on my account right now, and I cant finish them, I’m so depressed. I’m so so depressed. I hurt everyone I love. Anyone who comes near me is lost. I’m a lost cause. There I […]

You’re something different

“You’re something different Instead of breaking my heart, you’re picking up all the pieces The way you’re taking my heart You’re making it still look easy But when I’m stuck in my head We stay in bed through the weekend, oh yeah My heart. This is an open letter to you. You’ve never given up […]

I wish I could explain how badly my heart hurts. I don’t even have the heart to write. But I need to or I’ll do something stupid at the moment. Heartbreak. I am feeling too many emotions right now. Just a quick update my last remaining uncle is dying. That will leave my mom out of […]

And the boy who lived.

I have this weird thing that I obsess over certain things and never get tired of them. Well scratch that, I like one certain thing that I never get tired of. I love Harry Potter. I love the books, the movies. The side books, screenplays, you name it. I sadly have more Star Wars merch than […]