I’m reaching out…

Today had been hard. It has been a long day dealing with things I shouldn’t have done to myself. I self-harmed again today, Emily says this will be the last time, next time I go to the mental hospital. I will not be going to the mental hospital. ever again. In the great US of A, we do not have enough awareness for mental illness, and the hospitals here are shit. Dorthea Dix would be rolling in her grave if she knew the state of emergency we were in with our health care.

I feel so lost most of the time, and we just got an eviction notice from our landlord again, and that upset me to the point of hurting myself. Maybe I am completely lost. I feel like I have no right to be depressed, I have two amazing partners who love me, and who want me to be happy and safe. And yet I can’t or won’t find a reason to be safe. I went for a walk yesterday to the park near our house. And my knee started hurting, of course, because why couldn’t I go and have fun without being in pain.

If anyone wants to give anything to our paypal to help us stay afloat just comment and I’ll get in touch with you somehow. If you can’t give, just send us good vibes, we will need them in the up coming months while we try to get things straightened out.


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