Dear true loves…

I would give every piece of me to see both of you happy. I would go through hell and back just to give you what you needed.

And yet, I cause so many problems between us. And it worries me. I have pieces of me strewn out about the state and parts of my heart have been stolen away. I want nothing more than to get better. For you, for us, for me. I am afraid to keep going because I feel like I will not be successful. I feel like my all will not be enough, that my days and my nights will fly together and I will lose you both.

It is possible for me to always mess things up, I can’t go many days without fucking up royally. My life is this weird awkward mess. And I’m the only person who knows how to clean it up, but I have no want too, and I’m so sorry. I’m not enough. And I may not ever be, but by damn I’ll try.

Loving you both always.



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