Its in the stars.

Feeling weird today, feeling dark. Feeling depressed. It’s comforting. It is home. The chaos and anxiety is home. I am messed up and flawed, I can only help other people that need me, but I don’t know how to help myself. A Separation. A marriage, is chaos, the quiet calm. It takes away some of […]

Were alright, always alright.

Ive scribbled notes in jacket pockets in phone notepads, highlighted things in books, sought inspiration for this post. I cannot bring you that today. I can bring you my fears, my tears, my scary thoughts. I opened up to both my partners today while sharing a moment that goes in my favorite moments, im finally feeling and […]


315. The day we paid our rent on time we all sat and made jokes that we should frame it. My heart smiled. 315. The night we sat and ate popcorn in a row with me in the middle, I was so filled to the brim with love. 315. I hear your reminders every day. […]

Coming around

I’m having a hard time today staying positive, sometimes I think this medication battle will last forever. I have been eating better and trying to relax my body more. Good news is I haven’t noticed my head tick and my tremors are relaxing but still there. I have started writing in this app I found […]


So I started a youtube channel and I am in love with it, it’s my new baby. I’ve been so creative these past couple of days because wow I didn’t sleep for two days from insomnia and I got really creative in that two day time span, I began the channel to just get my voice […]

Just a couple kids living on our own

I have been making youtube videos this past week and uploading them onto my youtube channel, everything is trans related for the most part (I have bad ADHD) I have thoroughly enjoyed my project and I plan on continuing even if no one watches (I have a couple of subscribers) I haven’t been able to physically write […]

Self Love

Self-love is taking all the toxic people out of my life and not letting them back in for once. Self-love is loving myself enough to know I am flawed but I am working as hard as I can on becoming a better person. It is hard. It is not easy. But the best things in […]